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Chicks Dig Jerks

As we all know, quality – for which, read ‘hot’ – chicks dig shady, violence-prone men, including serial killers.

The kind of thugs these women are fucking are bigger alphas than CEOs who work hard all day managing billion dollar companies only to come home to fat, frumpy wives well past their prime.

Don’t believe me that the most fucked-up, sadistic, stone-cold killers on earth have their pick of the chicks? Meet one of the few solid 10s I’ve ever seen in my life – Mrs Primrose Shipman. 

 This is the kind of woman men lie awake dreaming of. The nondescript-looking Harold Shipman could not have imagined playing in this league without being Britain’s most prolific serial killer in history.

Or take the 8.5 that is Rosemary West:

With anyone other than Fred West, a woman with as many sexual options and high market value as this eminently fuckable young babe would have hopped straight back on the cock carousel. Yet Fred’s hitch-hiker-murdering, daughter-killing asshole game kept Rosemary West coming back for more – and even talked her into becoming his accomplice. Now that’s Game.

One look at the photo above, and you know that Myra Hindley was courted by the biggest names of the Seventies. This is a woman who could have had her pick of rock stars and millionaires. Yet aged 17 – at her prime sexual market value – she ignored all her lesser beta suitors for the ultimate bad boy, Marquis-de-Sade reading, philosophy-quoting child-murdering legend Ian Brady.  Moral of the story: if you want a women in this league,  kill a few five year olds.  Gets those gina tingles working like nothing else on earth. 

Oh and meet Tracey Connolly.  This classy young lissom Brit hottie could have had her pick of beta investment bankers and software billionaires – but like all women in her physical league, she was irresistibly drawn to the charms of alpha unemployed trailer-trash sadists. When it comes to the definitive 9s and 10s like Connolly,  look at what they do, not what they say. They say they want romance and roses. They actually want a semi-literate psychopath called Steven Barker who skins frogs alive and tortures their infant son Baby P to death.

Austrian superstar Josef Fritzl is the ultimate alpha male, scoring ace-high on the dark Triad of Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy  – everything that the hottest and more desirable women want. And fucking a secret harem of other women young enough to be his daughters. Even better, they were his daughters. So it’s no wonder that his wife was at a level of desirability that the closet-beta try-hard white knights like Donald Trump can only dream of.  Step forward Aryan bombshell Rosemarie Fritzl.

Look upon this image, betas and weep.

Take my advice about the ugly reality of female desire, and you too could get a Myra Hindley of your very own.

Christ knows, she’s hotter than anyone I’ve ever dated.


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