The situation. You’re standing by the bar in a crowded club with a solid 8.5. You’ve been on one date with her before, which went well – comfortable rapport punctuated with sensual makeouts. Then without warning, she puts her drink down and says, ‘I’ve just got to go to the bathroom, I won’t be a minute.’
You should stand and wait for her to come back, right?
For this, my friends, is a typical passive-aggressive female shit test, carrying with it the insidious stench of their true manipulative nature. It is intended, subconsciously or otherwise, to strip bare your inner beta, and lay it ignominiously open for all around you to see and ridicule. Nothing will lower your masculine value – and subliminally erode your male authority – faster than being seen passively standing alone with a drink and obediently waiting for your partner to return. 
What do you do?
In this situation, your wisest move is to turn to the solid 9.5 on your other side, and win her attention with a well-aimed nuclear neg. When the first girl returns, she should find you pinching the other girl’s ass and asking for her phone number.
If she at this point challenges you on your behaviour, you should drop the 9.5 like a wasp-filled pear and apologise profusely – right?
Wrong again.
This is merely another shit test, which she’s escalating to the highest possible stakes. Consciously or otherwise, she’s looking to be reassured of your higher status and your essential indifference to her moods and whims. The true alpha course of action, at this point, is to slap her round the face for daring to question your behaviour. Hard.
This will run contrary to everything you’ve ever been told, and your lifelong systematic condititioning at the hands of the male-neutering feminist media.
But whatever the liberal testosterone-phobes wish you to believe, women are hard-wired to respond to violence the way man respond to firm young tits and ass.You can look forward to reaping the rewards of your slap that night. I guarantee you that you will never plunge into a wider, wetter pussy than the one you encounter when she takes you home that night.
If she doesn’t, and instead calls security to get you thrown out of the club, rest assured – this was not a true woman. You’ve missed nothing, my friend. Move on.